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Lungo - Medium

Lungo - Medium

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Our award winning home compostable capsules break down in 28 days. Available in a 10 capsule pack size.


Lungo bespoke blend is a medium strength coffee with tasting notes of nuts, chocolate, and a hint of spice. Specially developed for a long pour.

Rich and full bodied with bold nut flavors and a hint of spice. A low acidity coffee with the mild sweetness of milk chocolate that develops into a lingering finish.

Lungo, Italian for "long", is an equal blend of Brazilian Mogiana, Sumatran Bener Meriah, and Vietnamese Robusta from the central highlands. The coffee holds a temperate sweetness, distinctive of coffees from the Mogiana region. The beans from the Southeast Asian regions deliver a depth and intensity that maintains during a long poor. 

In a way that's best for the World

Ola's long-term relationships with the growers mean you get beans that are sustainably sourced and harvested at various crop cycles for a more developed profile. 

Ola's eco-friendly capsules are constructed from sustainable sugar cane and paper pulp, and have been certified home compostable by TUV Austria and tested to demonstrate degradation within 28 days. The resulting organic matter contains no added chemicals or microplastics.

The oxygen barrier wrap is also 100% plant material, earth friendly and certified home compostable.

Ola capsules are Nespresso® original line compatible.

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